Performance artist, author, and all-around nice guy, I’m Tom Sparough, the Space Painter.

Big and little challenges

I blend the arts of juggling and storytelling. As a full-time performer for more than 30 years, I have a big bag of tricks. My performances are filled with color and excitement. That’s why I’m called the Space Painter. But it all started from the description of a small child.

I’m a grass-roots kind of guy. Sure, I present at conferences for thousands of people, but I’m just as happy to perform at your school, library, or local festival.

Faith is a big part of my life. I perform for people of all faith traditions. Check out my faith-works offerings.

I have written a variety of books. They fall into the general categories of wisdom, spirituality, and humor. And I love to write and tell a good ghost story!

If you are bringing me in for a performance, I have promo materials for your use. I want to support you so that your event is a huge success!


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