Evening of Renewal

This program can be performed in one, two or three nights.  Many places call it a parish mission. Contact me for specific themes.

IMG_5464I concentrate on easy-to-grasp scriptural references. I tie in simple everyday life. I mix together juggling analogies, storytelling, hands-on activity, ritual, brief discussions, and shared prayer.

“Over the years I have attended many, many retreats, but none quite like yours. You touched my spirit in many ways. Most pertinent was your segment on the seductive power of Evil. It was absolutely chilling. I will never forget it.”
 Mary Sherry, Mary, Mother of the Church Parish

I am happy to offer a mission or night of renewal any time during the year, but Lent has proven to be the most popular time. I offer a three-day renewal: Before the Dawn. The titles of the three days are: And God Smiled; And God Wept; And God Trusted.

An intergenerational renewal, it appeals to the youngest and oldest members of your congregation. The mission is to give people 90 minutes each night to regain perspective on their life. Expect these nights to be a mini retreat, something out of the ordinary.

We will reflect on our lives and the choices we make. Our guide will be the Scriptures. The content will be insightful, yet humorous. The challenge is for us to connect and help give each other what we need. The challenge is to be the Body of Christ.

“Thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your faith with us and for these two wonderful evenings of Holy fun and prayer. You truly are the Lord’s servant.”
Fr. Jim Shutte, Corpus Christi Church

Finally, many parishes have brought me in to work with their kids while another presenter leads their mission or renewal with adults. I can do this for one night or as many as a church needs. I love to work with the kids and don’t find it insulting not to be included in the “real” mission. After all, “Unless you welcome the Kingdom of Heaven like a child, you will not enter it.”