If you want entertainment at your festival that appeals to multiple generations, my shows are a great choice. I offer wholesome, family entertainment that is a little bit wacky.

The combination of my colorful juggling, stories, enthusiastic stage presence, and slightly bent sense of humor brings crowds to your stage.

Tom beanbagsComedy Juggling with the Space Painter features a series of routines sure to get your audiences clapping and laughing. You’ll see the behind-the-back, under-the-leg, off-the-knee, off-the-elbow, cross-the-face, over-the-head, under-the-leg catch trick!

I’ll invite up volunteers for the blue-plate-special spinning plate trick. And after the volunteer bowlingologist examines it, I will juggle the bowling ball and two blue berries.

Also consider my show What’s Up! Everyone needs heroes and in this show I prove that just about anything is possible. From raisins to beanbag chairs everything goes up, and it all comes down, too. This is fast-paced entertainment for kids and adults alike.