God’s Week Off

—And Other Tales of Juggling

Designed for: •Parish family nights • Diocesan youth events • Spirit-filled gatherings.

Three Ball Hug

God’s Week Off is a collection of scriptural stories shared through juggling, storytelling, and audience participation.

This presentation works equally well for adults or for children. I help adults tap into the everlasting spirit of youth.

Expect to see a stunning juggling display of balls, plates, apples and bowling balls, accentuated with humor, but focused on spiritual stories.

Some of the stories are verbatim scriptural passages set to juggling and movement. Peter’s attempt to walk on the water is one such account. While other stories are more creative adaptations, such as the Genesis origins of juggling, which was God’s Week Off.

Woven into the presentation is a hands-on activity for all audience members. We will do the spiritual exercises of the coffee filter, or we will find balance with peacock feathers, or we will experience the multiplication of the juggling scarves. No matter what, we will experience wonder and awe.

“Thank you for a brilliant performance. Our audience loved you and the messages you brought. Your ministry truly does reach all ages. The older parishioners loved it as much as the little ones.”

Rich Tereba, St. Maximillian Church