Hands on fun! I gave a small piece of yarn to each of the kids in this photo. Together we are exploring the possibilities!

I am happy to offer my shows indoors or outdoors.

Because of my ability to adapt my presentation to specific themes
, I am a popular performer at many libraries time and time again, each visit having a slightly different focus. I work with any theme!

Audience participation, laughter, storytelling, and skillful, joyful juggling are the benchmarks of my presentations. My wacky sense of humor appeals to toddlers and grandparents at the same time.


Playing with the national reading theme for 2024 of “Adventure Begins at Your Library” this delightful show highlights the exploration of tossing things into the air. Adventure Juggler is a comic romp of long-distance ball, club, and bird manipulation. Don’t worry, it’s all planned out on the juggling map, but we will travel as the bird flies!

Your audience will be transformed into adventure jugglers; everyone who comes to this show will get a chance to accelerate their creativity. Some of us will take the road less traveled as we share our juggling creations with each other. I have supplies for hundreds so no one will be left out!

“The kids just love you. You interact really well with a crowd and made the day special for our littlest customers.”

Mikalene Guiser, Columbus Public Library

Some other show choices…


This is my classic show for libraries which unlocks the secret of why I am known as the Space Painter. It is filled with skillful, humorous juggling and a generous helping of audience participation. In a delightful way, it explores the realm of the seemingly impossible. It features death-defying ball juggling, plate spinning, and the amazing juggling of small human beings! This show has no age barriers.


Tom water show

In this perennial favorite, I celebrate the juggling possibilities of water! Filled with comedy and excitement, it takes your audience on a water tour of the juggling cascade, fountain, and shower.

Yes, you can do it indoors with a few splashes of water on your carpet. This invigorating show works great under any meeting-room ceiling.

Outside— your front few rows (with ample warning) are going to get refreshingly wet. Think water balloons, sponges, and a bucket of water.

Inside or outside, everyone who attends the show will get to join in some hands-on fun. I bring the coolest juggling objects ever and share them with everyone. Don’t tell, but they are the solid form of water. And the kids get to keep their cool objects!


Based on my book of the same title, this collection of funny circus poems is a beautiful mix of humor, juggling, and story. Each poem is a mini story, most with a surprise ending. I blend my amazing juggling in with the poems.  It is a literal favorite!

“I heard great things from the kids and their adults! They were enamored. It really sparked their imagination.”

Caitlin Wichterman, Green County Public Library


Spooky Night celebrates the thrill of Halloween. It is a fun choice for anytime in October. This show features a series of funny ghost stories, pumpkin juggling, and a ghostly hands-on activity for all. I pay careful attention to not share material that will be too scary for the audience.

Indoors or outdoors we will scare ourselves silly.

“The ghosties take–flight in the air. Oh my gosh, they are everywhere.

“The Vampire wants a bite out of you. There isn’t anything you can do.

“I hope you’ve enjoyed this bit of fun. Now I suggest that we better run!”