Virtual Performances

I am happy to offer my prerecorded (or live) virtual show: Story Juggling with Hands-on Household Fun! This show not only reveals the comedic origins of juggling, but it features two sections of hands-on fun — one with a single sheet of toilet paper and  the other with a pair of rolled-up socks.

And since it is virtual, it also includes my fire-juggling poem Quest of the Dragon. The show takes place in my backyard, which is the very place I learned all my tricks! Contact me for more information about virtual programming.

Libraries bring me in when dynamic programming is needed. Because of my ability to adapt my presentation to specific themes I am a popular performer at many libraries time and time again, each visit having a slightly different focus.

Audience participation, laughter, storytelling, and skillful, joyful juggling are the benchmarks of my presentations. Library audiences often include a wide range of ages, which is perfect for me since my wacky sense of humor appeals to toddlers and grandparents at the same time.

Some show choices…

Story Juggling

Entertaining for toddlers and teenagers at the same time, Story Juggling features a jaw dropping array of juggling tricks mixed with mind-expanding stories. It celebrates the national summer reading theme for 2020. The show begins with the mythical tale of “The Origins of Juggling.” It continues by inviting everyone attending the show into the magical story of “The Multiplying Juggling Balls.” The performance finishes with the mystical tale of “Ordinary Worthiness.” This is a sure bet for any library audience.

A Visit from the Space Painter

This is my classic show for libraries which unlocks the secret of why I am known as the Space Painter. It is filled with skillful, humorous juggling and a generous helping of audience participation. In a delightful way, it explores the realm of the seemingly impossible, whether it is walking on the moon, or juggling on my head. It features death-defying ball juggling, plate spinning, and the amazing juggling of small human beings! This show appeals to kids and adults at the same time.

The Human Cannonball’s Last Thought

Based on my book of the same title, this collection of funny circus poems is a beautiful mix of humor, juggling, and story
. Each poem is a mini story, most with a surprise ending. I blend my amazing juggling in with the poems.  It is a literal favorite!

“You wowed us with your performance. You are a dear man to take the time with children to encourage them to think highly of themselves. The I Can Do It Spirit!”
Sandra Dickey, Batesville Library

“The kids were totally amazed by your juggling and amusing antics. What a great show!”
Em Caskey, St. Bernard Library

“This was the first time for me to see your family show and it was fantastic! Everyone said so. You are great!”
Lisa Hamrick, Grosbeck Library

“I can honestly say that your programs drew the largest attendance and have been the most talked about in the afterglow of a very successful summer program.”
Nancy Smith, Westerville Library