Life Skills are a Juggling Act

For those of us who have to juggle our schedule, this presentation is filled with practical nuggets of insight, as well as hilarious moments of comedy. It is perfect for conferences, meetings, and retreats.

It playfully examines how we keep from being boxed in.

Life Skills Are A Juggling Act encourages dreaming big. It is a presentation for your people about setting priorities, persistence paying off, and knowing your limits while excelling at your talents.

Through storytelling and juggling, this presentation reminds participants of the power of goal setting, finding motivation from our failures, and paying attention to our foundational habits.

There is a life lesson with each section of the show. It is for those who try to keep the balls of their life from crashing onto the floor.

Sifting through the fun, there are wisdom gems for your audience members to hold on to for life.