Managing the Dead

Managing the Dead

Ghost Stories to Keep Your Organization Alive

Who doesn’t love a good ghost story?  OK, these are fictional tales and they are not overly scary, and many of them are not scary at all. Yet, each of these ghost stories is an illustration of an important organizational value.  This presentation shows persistence, honesty, authenticity in a unique format that is a springboard to share insight.

The format is simple. Share a story, then discuss it in small groups of three or four people. A typical session last 90 minutes and includes three stories, each with a discussion.

Are there certain qualities that you would like your people to candidly discuss? This session provides a safe way of entering the discussion, because initially the focus is on the story.

Ghostly StatueWe quickly get to the reality of people’s work lives by fashioning appropriate questions to stimulate valuable dialog. For instance, one of the stories is about procrastination and missing deadlines. After the story, we discuss what happened to the central character and lessons that might have helped her. Then we turn inward with a question such as, “What helps me to keep from missing deadlines?”

There are a wide variety of stories that can be woven into the presentation.  Spine-tingling and thought-provoking fun, these stories will make a memorable impression and the discussion that follows them will add life-giving insight into your organization.

Here is an excerpt from one of the more scary stories, called Down the Stairs. The theme of this story is grit, that ability to rise up and do what is needed when times are tough.