Nourishing Yourself While Nurturing Others

In this highly interactive session, we explore the concepts of giving and receiving and the implications they have on our personal health. We who assist others need to find the healthy balance of nurturing others while nourishing our self.

Tom with three hats
We all wear multiple hats for the different roles in our lives.

Many people focus their lives on serving, educating and advocating for others.  To do this effectively, one must also take care oneself. Where we focus our attention is hugely important. It is the difference between gratitude and heartache.

For those of us in service industries, this is an essential topic, because no one wants to be out of balance. All of us have breaking points, and this presentation will demonstrate the escalation of our best intentions and the downfall of trying to do too much.

The value of this session is the chance to show your people in the service sector a view of themselves. Using analogy and story, the session helps participants to reflect on their own life and bring into focus the balance they seek.

The presentation shows the balancing act of relationships, home life, time, health, and money. Yes, this is great fun, but more importantly, it puts the metaphor of balance literally into people’s hands.