Pasta and Parables

This show grew out of a parish’s desire to do an intergenerational event. They especially wanted to have their teenagers attend. The fact is, though, there are only two ways to get teenagers to come to a church event—Require them, or Involve them.IMG_5469

Working on that premise, we set out to involve most of the groups of their church in some aspect of the evening, like set up, cooking, prayer, music, skits, serving, busing, and clean up.
 This approach was so successful the event sold out weeks ahead of time. And the teenagers were there!

Another parish took this idea and did a Pizza and Parables night.

My job is to share an hour program of spiritual storytelling and joyful juggling at the end of the evening. People are ready for it. Involve them, feed them, entertain and spiritually renew them!

“Thank you for a brilliant performance. Our audience loved you and the messages you brought. Your ministry truly does reach all ages. The older parishioners loved it as much as the little ones.”
 Rich Tereba, St. Maximillian Church