Plates of the Last Supper

This is a beautiful presentation to share during the Lenten season. It works well both early in Lent, as well as during Holy Week.

Plates of the Last SupperThe central image of the session is a volunteer group of audience members who each get a spinning plate on a stick. These are the plates of the Last Supper, although not the originals! They represent Jesus’ teachings: to Love, to Share, to Serve, to Forgive, and to Endure.

These themes are drawn out in a poignant story about a 12-year-old boy and his grandmother. She has an accident and breaks her hip. The story unfolds through his visits to the nursing home and all the people he encounters, the challenges he faces, and the love he shares.

Because of the mix of storytelling and action, this show reaches across age barriers to find a place in every heart.

When done for a large school, it helps to do separate shows for the older and younger students, so that the depth of the message is better shared with the older students.