Religious Conferences

I like to think that I bring adults a little bit closer to the Kingdom of Heaven because I help them welcome it like a child.

Don’t take that the wrong way. My work isn’t childish, but it is refreshing, enthusiastic and playful, which may be perfect for your conference keynote.

In fact, many places use my presentations as entertainment, but for me, it’s more than just fun. There is a spiritual component at work every time I connect with an audience. The show is about uniting God’s people.

Furthermore, we are all jugglers. Almost everyone has said, “I have to juggle my schedule.” My presentations build on this natural connection.

It is my storytelling that reaches a depth that touches people at their core.

“One elderly priest said that he learned more from you than he did in all of his years in the seminary. Another said that he never had so much fun and learned so much all at the same time. The Bishop expressed his absolute delight with the message and the style of your presentation. You are a profoundly gifted minister.”

Deanna Sass, Diocese of Trenton

Sharing insights and being amusing are great skills, but stories open our hearts. I try to weave all these things together every time I do a keynote.

“Words can’t really express how much your contributions to our conference meant to every one of the participants. They are still singing your praises. You really touched their hearts with your reflections, images and metaphors.”

Myrtle Power, Canadian Conference of Religious Education

My presentations carry the content that is shaped from my 35 years of working with corporate executives, nuns, preschoolers, scouts, college students, nursing home residents, teenage mothers, prisoners, bishops, governors, fourth graders, and directors of religious education.

Usually the content of my presentation parallels the theme of the conference. Sample titles include: The Cascade of Love; A Funny Thing Happened on my Way to Heaven; and The Balancing Act of Religious Education.

I also offer workshops for religious education conferences including The Spiritual Storyteller; Experiential Scripture for Youth; The Embodied Rosary; and Juggling Work, Home and Faith.

“Thank you for your gifts and your ability to use them to tell the Gospel story and to create and renew community. Your approach is so respectful of people and so centered on God that it is a graced time.”

Fr. Stan Malner, LA Congress participant