Do Your Best

is a test preparation assembly. In this show, basic concepts of test taking are reviewed in an inspired fashion. Attitude is the number one point covered. The presentation features ball juggling, storytelling, plate spinning, club juggling, and bean bag chair juggling. It touches upon basic test taking strategies such as showing up, eating a healthy breakfast, reading all questions carefully, answering all parts of a question, and checking one’s work.

“The teachers unanimously said how much they liked the messages interspersed with such a professional performance. They also admired your masterful control of the children’s attention and behavior.” Kathy Barger, Grandview Heights School

Confidence, It’s in the Air

is an anti-bullying, character building presentation. Schools are working on educating their students about issues of respect, honesty, self-control, and tolerance. None of this happens without courage and confidence. This show supports the work that schools are already doing. It features the 100-mile an hour, three-ball juggle, a six-person plate spin, a wisdom tale and the juggling of Tic Tacs and beanbag chairs. It centers on: Respecting self and others. Responding to unfair Situations. And Restraining oneself from doing things he or she knows are wrong. The content of the show is tailored to the age of the audience members.

You Can Do Anything

is a show about learning. The basic theme is that through concentration, going step by step, and persistence you can do just about anything. This show features juggling of five balls, the down-the-middle trick with clubs, and an interactive poem about learning. The big finish involves a bowling ball.

“I would like to tell you what a tremendous, well organized assembly you have put on for our school. You taught on several levels. Thanks so much for an excellent assembly.” Janet DiSilvestro, Dublin Schools

Reward Show

is a presentation to give your student a treat after improved grades, perfect attendance, or acceptable behavior for the semester. Many schools choose this action-packed show to help keep students motivated and feeling recognized for their achievements. It’s pure fun featuring the most entertaining tricks in my repertoire. Bowling ball juggling, unicycle riding, and the amazing juggling of small human beings are usually part of the line up.

“Never have I seen a group of youngsters so entranced by a single performer. They loved the performance; they loved the learning experience. I think it was the perfect experience to reward their extra efforts.”
Mev Soller, Cincinnati Bell

Juggling Workshops

I teach entire schools how to juggle! In conjunction with my performances, you can pick a single 45-minute workshop, or a whole day of workshops. The content varies depending on the age of the students. My goal is to get the kids saying, “I did it.” These workshops are total hands-on participation for up to 80 students in a session. I bring the equipment.