What You Get

businesssuccess.qxdI blend the artistic and the practical to present captivating keynotes.

My goal is to make you a hero for finding such an unusual, creative, inspiring keynote.

My aim is to bring laughter, insight and balance to your audience.

If you are trying to find a presentation that helps your people to get along better, my storytelling puts people on the path of empathy.

If you want the session to be fun, my juggling brings amusement, but just as importantly, it serves as an analogy for the many things people are striving to balance.

If you have a conference theme, I can bring it to life in my presentation. I am a creative presenter who stays on point.

Are you looking to connect the people in the room? I am a connector, a keynote artist that brings the people in the room together.

Together in laughter. Together in insight. Together in balance.