What You Get

I blend the artistic and the practical to present captivating keynote and community presentations.

My goal is to make you a hero for finding such a creative and inspiring speaker that connects with your people on their level. I will partner with you to bring insight, laughter, and balance to your audience.

If you are trying to find a presentation that helps your people to get along better, my storytelling puts people on the path of empathy.

When you are looking for fun, my juggling and comedy are a sure bet.

My audience participation puts your entire group into the act.

To emphasize a conference theme, a vision statement, or an educational goal, I customize my presentation to bring your content to life.

Bring the people in the room together! Together in insight. Together in laughter. Together in balance. And often, together in faith.

You are a genius. Many thanks for participating in the Plexus Conference. My head is spinning with new ways to encourage connectedness.

Margaret Cary, MD